Leading-Edge-Supply Chain Strategies for Global Enterprises

Seminare – Global Sourcing
Leading-Edge-Supply Chain Strategies for Global Enterprises



The participants will learn how to evaluate, optimize and implement leading-edge-supply chain strategies within their specific business environment. To achieve this, state-of-the-art supply chain strategies will be jointly discussed and worked out, using many international and national best practice examples from various industrie.

Target Group

SCM/Procurement managers and executives who want to analyze and improve their current global or expanding supply chain strategies and performances


Presentation, group work, many case studies/practical examples and short movies


Prof. Dr. Karsten Machholz

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Introduction to Strategic Supply Chain Management

  • Definitions
  • Historical development of SCs
  • SCOR Model
  • The impact of globalization

Supply Chain Strategies

  • Late stage customization/postponement
  • Company/product examples
  • Impacts of product design

Choosing the Best Strategy

  • Achieving strategic fit
  • SC strategy models (e.g. Fisher, Cavinato, …)
  • Analysis of different companies’ SCs

Triple A Supply Chain

  • Theory: Prof. Hau Lee - Stanford University
  • Agility, Adaptability & Alignment as keys for your company´s success
  • Adapting to a fast moving and volatile world
  • How to implement a AAA Supply Chain

Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Theory: Prof. Kim & Prof. Mauborgne- INSEAD
  • How to make competition irrelevant?

How to Implement and Sustain Global SC Strategies?

  • Cultural aspects
  • Change management
  • Real case examples/personal “war stories”

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Dauer: 2 Tage

1. Tag: 09.30 – 17.00 Uhr
2. Tag: 08.30 – 16.30 Uhr

Veranstalter: BME Akademie GmbH


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