Strategic and Tactical Procurement

Seminare – Global Sourcing
Strategic and Tactical Procurement

Procurement strategies, fundamental tools and methods

The objective of this course is to foster a structured approach to formulating and implementing an effective procurement strategy.

Target Group

Newcomers to procurement function with basic business knowledge, candidates on a lateral move into a strategic procurement role, new buyers in a materials group management organization (Lead Buyers), buyers in cross-functional/project roles Training


Lectures, group discussion, case studies, group work


Hanno Dettlof

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Strategic Procurement

  • Definition: strategic procurement
  • Objectives and organizational aspects
  • Overview: elements of strategic procurement

The Process to Develop Procurement Strategy

  • The 7 Steps to formulate procurement strategy
  • Analysis, formulation and implementation
  • Definition: internal and external analysis
  • Porter’s 5 forces model
  • Scope model for supplier selection
  • 9 steps for a successful supply strategy presentation

Portfolio Strategy

  • Theoretical introduction to the concept
  • Materials portfolio
  • Supplier portfolio
  • Group exercise with selected materials groups
  • Group presentation
  • Definition of norm strategies
  • Objectives of materials group management

Procurement Levers

  • 7 methods to reduce procurement costs
  • Allocation of selected levers to norm strategies
  • Overview of common levers and characteristics
  • Introduction to management by cockpits
  • 10 top saving initiatives

Supplier Relation Management

  • Definition and objectives
  • Supplier identification and selection
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Supplier development principle
  • Supplier integration
  • Supplier innovation management
  • Supplier Balanced Scorecard

Measuring Procurement Success

  • Savings vs. cost avoidance
  • Contribution of procurement cost & value
  • KPI definition
  • Reporting requirements
  • Performance level tracking
  • Balanced Scorecard principle
  • Dupont model

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