Negotiation Skills for Purchasing

Seminare – Global Sourcing
Negotiation Skills for Purchasing

Skills, techniques and tools you need to negotiate effectively

You understand and practice the negotiation process and develop or improve important negotiating skills that will enable you to negotiate with more confidence.

Target Group

(Newly appointed) buyers, purchasing/procurement officers as well as executives in materials management and logistics functions negotiating with suppliers Training


Short presentations, group sessions, exercises, videotaped role plays

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Benedikt Elles

  1. 11.09. – 12.09.2024
1.395,– €
zzgl. 19% USt.

Negotiation in the Purchasing Process

  • What is negotiating?
  • How to communicate properly in negotiations
  • Active listening as a key part of communication

First Things First: Planning and Preparing Your Negotiation

  • Establishing negotiation targets and objectives
  • Identifying important facts about your supplier
  • How to use a preparation checklist
  • The art of successful negotiation: What leads to success or failure?

Fundamental Steps in the Negotiation Process

  • Opening moves: how to start
  • Body language
  • Using the right questioning techniques
  • Opening offers and counteroffers
  • Offer submission: active listening
  • Successful price negotiations
  • The follow-up of a negotiation

Employing Effective Negotiation Techniques

  • Improving preparatory skills
  • How to be more precise during the negotiation
  • Questioning techniques
  • Giving and taking
  • Argumentation techniques
  • Summarizing the results

Useful Arguments

  • The value proposition for buyers and suppliers
  • Neutralizing objectives presented by the counterpart
  • Dealing with objections/pretexts
  • Dealing with "dead-end situations"

The Win-Win-Approach: Requirements and Process

  • Benefits of the win-win-approach
  • Mutual success: seeking common ground
  • Developing different options
  • Preparing the negotiation process
  • Determining the supplier’s motives, objectives and constraints
  • Building trust
  • Showing flexibility

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