Pilot Study Procurement 4.0

On the basis of interviews conducted with leading procurement managers in the German economy, employees at BME and the IML have analysed the current situation of Procurement 4.0 in corporate practice.


The fourth industrial revolution is a reality. Regardless of how the developments driven by digitalisation opportunities are labelled, the way in which products and services are created and offered and the communication, transportation and even payment activities involved are going to change radically. The fact that these changes concern all corporate functions is by no means new. As a central interface to internal and external partners in the value chain, procurement is sure to play a special role against this background.

This study was therefore initially based on the theory that the fourth industrial revolution offers procurement a unique opportunity to meet the demand that it plays a strategic role. The opinions of the surveyed procurement managers and CPOs from a total of 25 companies and two universities form the core of this pilot study, which is designed to act as a source and starting point for more extensive and detailed investigations into the topic of Procurement 4.0. 


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